It's a region in space.
Scattered disc is the name given to a collection of small objects in the vastness of the solar system, moving in wild elliptical orbits.

And in the dark, many are just floating around.

The studio operates in the field of objects design, technology research and architecture, sometimes.
We are concerned with fabrication processes, geometry, traditional crafts, mechanical components and non business model based projects.

We do believe in insecurity and doubt, in multiple readings of a phenomenon, in temporary conclusions.

SCATTERED Disc Objects is Bahar Pourmoghadam and Marco Cattivelli.

Currently based in front of a beautiful garden in Piacenza.

For any question, please send an email.
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Piacenza, Italy
Phone: +39 3285961338
Email: info@sdobjs.com


Milano, 2020

Materials: aluminum alloys
except steel bolts

Dimensions: 170x90cm 

Finishes: hand-brushed aluminum

Designed in collaboration with Stefano Marongiu, Architect.
Developed with Riccardo Puglielli.

Photo credits: Marco Fava

The project was designed based on a private commission to furnish a penthouse in Milano, in Piazza Carbonari n. 2, inside one of the most exemplary Milanese dwelling architecture by Luigi Caccia Dominioni.

The project includes a supply of seven custom tables to furnish the main hall of the attic, as the hall is going to be used occasionally for catering events. To satisfy the client necessities a flexible design has been developed, in which many layout combinations are allowed.
Hence the project would respond to both functional and aesthetic needs and, above all, could be easily installed and disassembled.

From the perspective of Mise-en-scène, the design tries to have a subtle presence in an already strong context with a wonderful mosaic floor with zoomorphic motifs. For this purpose the table is characterized by its slender profiles, in opposition to the usual heaviness of tables designed for large spaces. Functionally, it allows the ease of transport and rearrangement while giving the impression that the table is floating on the ground.
Carbonari can be assembled and disassembled without tools in a few seconds.

All components are mechanically anchored and each part can be replaced in case of damage.

This experience led to the production of Carbonari table, now available in different finishes , find out more here