It's a region in space.
Scattered disc is the name given to a collection of small objects in the vastness of the solar system, moving in wild elliptical orbits.

And in the dark, many are just floating around.

The studio operates in the field of objects design, technology research and architecture, sometimes.
We are concerned with fabrication processes, geometry, traditional crafts, mechanical components and non business model based projects.

We do believe in insecurity and doubt, in multiple readings of a phenomenon, in temporary conclusions.

SCATTERED Disc Objects is Bahar Pourmoghadam and Marco Cattivelli.

Currently based in front of a beautiful garden in Piacenza.

For any question, please send an email.
Many things can be done, ask us.


Piacenza, Italy
Phone: +39 3285961338
Email: info@sdobjs.com


Milano, 2021


Different marbles, honed surface

Image credits:
Marco Fava



A piece of marble is as unique as a fingerprint.
It contains a large amount of informations on the history and the place from which it is extracted.

The choice of a specific stone evokes lived experiences, visited places and affections that belong to us, culturally and historically.
In addition to some geopolitical interests which probably someone else would have investigated thoroughly. Nonetheless, it is mainly used only because of its appearance properties such as color and patterns. 

However, nothing is as definitive as stone. Let's imagine using marble by virtue of its specific weight, a density that has made it a seal, an ideal and eternal support capable of storing ancient information until today.
A weight that makes a movement difficult and unexpected.
Excellent for concealing an entrance, a secret compartment.

We have designed an unusual container. Because containing something important is a fundamental task.
Hard things hide precious ones. Soft things protect our affections.
To contain is also to separate from the gaze, to make something private that only we know to be contained.
It reveals a new story plan, a new setting. How many treasures have been hidden and never found again?