Armilla invites to a relationship with light.
The tubes, like Doric columns, call for a movement around the object, in a mutual exchange between points of view and reflected rays.
We have designed an alphabet of details to bring light through the openings, simply handcrafted. Cut with laser technologies for maximum precision, assembled and finished by hand, each lamp combines artisanal and industrial processes to allow great flexibility of configurations and finishes, solutions suitable for living rooms, walls, ceilings, tables, stairwells, bedrooms.

It is possible to customize the number of lights and rods, to create larger compositions or for specific lighting needs, using small mirrors to divert the otherwise straight path of the light. Armilla is a catalyst of glances, a luminous divertissement.
The light is soft and warm, for reading a book or having dinner with someone. The barrels are made of brass, striped, graceful.
Product specifications:

Size approx. 1200mm x 500mm
H 500mm
Type: chandelier
Materials: brass striped pipes,
aluminum, Led Spot light,
steel cables
Finish: hand polished
Light source: 10x 2.5W Led GU4,
Canopy: different sizes
and finishes available.

Custom features on request

Photos: Marco Fava


The studio deals with product design and architecture: we work in between industrial fabrication and craftmanship with great interest in manufacturing processes.

Get in touch for inquiries, our items are available through the studio and on selected platforms. The studio offers full customization on the products on catalogue.


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The studio deals with product design,concept development, technological research, technical support for artisans and companies and small-scale architecture.