It's a region in space.
Scattered disc is the name given to a collection of small objects in the vastness of the solar system, moving in wild elliptical orbits.

And in the dark, many are just floating around.

The studio operates in the field of objects design, technology research and architecture, sometimes.
We are concerned with fabrication processes, geometry, traditional crafts, mechanical components and non business model based projects.

We do believe in insecurity and doubt, in multiple readings of a phenomenon, in temporary conclusions.

SCATTERED Disc Objects is Bahar Pourmoghadam and Marco Cattivelli.

Currently based in front of a beautiful garden in Piacenza.

For any question, please send an email.
Many things can be done, ask us.


Piacenza, Italy
Phone: +39 3285961338
Email: info@sdobjs.com





Table top thickness = 3cm, with safety nylon net.
Base carved from a solid marble block and properly lighted for weight decreasing.

Diameter 160 cm, height 73cm


Handmade in Italy

*customizable design on request.

Currently available through the studio

A marble table is -first of all- a stone object, rather than a table.

It's an irrational response to a problem that goes beyond the function: the symbols of a domestic altar and the classic idea of luxury merge in an absolute denial of contemporary furnitures' features: portability, flexibility, affordability.

The project faces the constructive problem of staging an abstract idea, which is the gist and the medium of marble.

It turns into an exercise in approximation to the ideal, on how to build a mental product without losing its point in the workshop.

It's a piece of mountain cut this way, as it is.

On a round marble table, some operations are allowed and some others not: you can dissect a turkey, talk about business, have breakfast in a gown, write down a thought; you shall not check the bills, you shall not dry vegetables, you shall not - above all - make an orange juice.