TALAR is a series of lightings in Murano glass and aluminum, featuring a technological update of the traditional Venice's chandelier, rooted in the craftmanship of glassblowing.

Talar is a project developed in collaboration between SCATTER.D Studio and venetian glass master WAVE MURANO GLASS. Each leaf is handmade by Roberto Beltrami, master of the art of glassblowing in Murano, Venezia. It takes a refined knowledge of the material and several steps to sculpt the final shape, a combination of moves like dancing with hot melting crystal, in a ancient technique -named “pulegoso”-for embedding small bubbles in glass.

Roberto had it all, as he is the youngest master on the island. The structure is entirely made out of aluminum alloys, handbrushed and waxed. The lightweight yet strong design allows dimensional freedom and several applications, defining a family of products open to customization.
Product specifications:

Size approx. 220mm x 195mm H 450mm
Type: Table lamp, with plug and manual dimmer
Materials: aluminum, Murano pulegoso glass, Cob led strip
Driver:  DC 24V 30W, IP20
Finish: hand brushed aluminum
Light source: 1200mm COB led strip, beam angle 360 degrees, 12W, 2700 K
Cable: 2m black coated cable, detached dimmer

Custom features on request.

Photos: Marco Fava


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